[1 HOUR] Satisfying LoFi Keyboard & Mouse Clicks ASMR Fortnite Gameplay

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Keyboards Featured
SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL ●
Anne Pro 2 ●
Razer Huntsman Mini ●
Razer Huntsman TE ●
(I have linear switch version of Razer…

40 thoughts on “[1 HOUR] Satisfying LoFi Keyboard & Mouse Clicks ASMR Fortnite Gameplay

  1. Bro Man This Is Freaking nice keep up the grind (I’m not a bot) I subbed to you and liked I was hoping you can do the same to me.🥳💯💯🔥 grinding for 1k subs btw, anyways 😃 keep grinding bro! <33 respect the grinding!!! 😃

  2. i know im late, i dont know why but i put this on during school and it helps me stay focus I'm not sure if its the combination of the sounds of fortnite and the lofi and the keyboard its like all those combined makes such a calming audio and experience this inspires me to keep trying kbm thank you for making these videos these help me and other people a lot hope you get to see this <3

  3. Voxil best Youtuber get house party and I'm trying to get Better at keyboard and mouse I'm getting cherry mx and a 10 dollar mouse hope you see this have a great day my fortnite name is faze-highsky144

  4. can you please make a video of the gk61 optical yellow switches, i heard its faster than the razor hunstman te and i have been considering on buying that keyboard so please

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