10 Fortnite Skins Coming Soon… (Season 4)

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Season Four has been churning out great skin after great skin. Each new one has brought something awesome to the game, and we are eagerly awaiting what cool new skins Epic has in store for us. Blade being the most recent release that left us eager for more. His katana sword is a cool weapon and its unique…

45 thoughts on “10 Fortnite Skins Coming Soon… (Season 4)

  1. i commonly search up "midas fortnite" on google and i saw the joker, poison ivy, and Midas rex skin pack i thought and still think it's a joke, and you can't change my mind until it hits the day it's supposed to release

  2. OMG I KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD DO ON CHANNELS 1 and 3!!! If you were being serious with the intro and Tony is searching the multiverse, Sagan should be Skye from another universe. In this universe she never met Olie and didn't go looking to fight evil

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