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  1. I for one don't regret buying an NFL skin at all! (I bought endzone btw) It's been my main since they were first introduced. I paired the Bengals jersey with the Shadow Wings and Razor Edge pickaxe. Great color matching combo right there.

  2. I though The Independence Day skins might turn out rate but that’s not why I bought Star spangled ranger, I bought it because I really like the skin. And for the last year it has remained one of my favorite skins. But then it came back and everyone bought it and now I have to wait to use it again or I just look like some wanna be who buys skins because they used to be rare when they could have bought it the first time around but chose not to

  3. Wow next emotes? All my emotes ? why tf did I get flipin sexy electro shuffle and glitter but I mean daydream and star power are OK but I'm a girl so its fine for me
    BTW if u want a cape wait for that Halloween skin it has a good cape I recommend that cape its a epic skin its a vampire its dusks bf

  4. Here's his list of ur lazy to not watch the vid lol

    1. Double Helix

    2. Star Spangled trooper

    3. Nitelite

    4. Survival Specialist

    5. Spike

    6. Brite Bomber

    7. Rabbit Raider

    8. Ether

    9. Beef Boss

    10. Valkyrie

    11. Ravage

    12. Oblivion

    13. Omen

    14. Dark Voyager

    15. Crackshot

    16. Chomp Sir JR.

    17. Team Leaders

  5. How to not regret buying a skin:
    When you see it in the shop think, do you want it because it’s popular? Or cause it’s rare? Or because you like it? Try to imagine not having it would you care if you didn’t get it? If you would care how much? If you didn’t get it would you cry yourself to sleep or shrug it off? This has helped me save thousands of v bucks on skins I almost bought that I’m glad I didn’t I didn’t buy them because now I have tons of skins that I actually like and I don’t have anymore refund tickets and I still have 5 things I wish I could refund from my idiotic past ):

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