6.3 Update Summary | Fortnite Save The World

Here’s a quick video reviewing the major changes to Fortnite Save The World. The 6.3 update is probably the biggest update since Canny Valley Questline part 1 was released. Enjoy!

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Dylan Faulkner (Twitter: @hwkzdesigns )

Breeze by MBB
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8 thoughts on “6.3 Update Summary | Fortnite Save The World

  1. I think I forgot to put my final thoughts on the 6.3 updateΒ to Fortnite Save The World:
    In short, they increased the power level limit beyond PL125.
    – They also increased backpack size and DOUBLED storm shield storage size.
    – The 3 defenders inside the Heroes squad tab has been removed to make space for 3 extra heroes.
    – This only means we need more heroes bonuses in the future for a new map or more difficult missions.

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