Apple vs. Fortnite: the battle for the App Store

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No one saw it coming. At least not the millions of teenagers and young adults who played Fortnite on iPhones or iPads. On August 13, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store for good. It is a high stakes dispute, and yet all this Fortnite…

36 thoughts on “Apple vs. Fortnite: the battle for the App Store

  1. Fortnite should have an option of a person purchasing things through the web and for it to reflect on the app. So that way it will not be an in-app purchase and evade the 30% charge

  2. Basically Epic fight's goal is not a short-term goal; they're aiming to change the status-quo of these monopolistic practices that are way outdated. I don't like fortnite, but I hope they win though.

  3. Life is hard as an app dev in Denmark. 30% cut for Apple/Google, 25% VAT, 22% business tax, 40%+ personal tax, and finally 8% working tax. It’s very hard to compete internationally, as Denmark is also one of the most expensive contries to live in 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. Look I have apps on the App Store. I agreed to certain rules and will lose my license if I break them. That license covers all of my apps. It’s not retaliation if they prevent updates to unreal because that’s not actually what they are doing. They are simply not allotment them to sign new apps with their license which happens to impact unreal. And to be clear it would only stop them from updating unity. People will still be able to download and use previously signed versions and any app built with unity is individually signed with a different license so there would be no immediate impact. Epic may lose some customers because people don’t want to depend on a company that will play chicken with Apple and endanger their customers’ businesses. I think this is fair because they took this risk for their own benefit and it could hurt every game developer who use unreal in the future.

  5. There are many ways how you can look up to this. If youth is getting away because cool games aren't playable on iOS that might be a huge sign that the market is shifting. Look at all the phone companies…. the youth is the trend… but ok away from that part.
    We've seen this battle before with Adobe… They where in a big battle and Steve made sure flash wasn't coming into the App store. But there is for sure to much power in this for Apple. I hope they will be fined huge like Microsoft got fined for automatically install internet explorer and not giving the user the option.

  6. Big billion dollar companies trying to get more money. Epic makes fun of Apple with their 1984 ad against IBM but there is another Orwell book called Animal Farm that Epic ( and their supporters ) seems to ignore. Bottom line this might benefit the consumer on the short run but Epic ( as any company ) doesn't fight for the consumer, so honestly it is irrelevant who will win this fight.

  7. Dev here. The platform tax of 30% is very outdated and the argument that it's just a maintenance cost is – in all honesty – not true. Something needs to change in the industry.

    I wanna note that I'm not entirely on Epic's side either. Yes, Apple's percentage may not be okay but Epic portraying themselves as the good guys … nah.

  8. Tim Cook’s argument is perfect in my opinion, if you dont like how apple does it, get an android. Don’t fuck it up for everyone that’s thinks its fine just because you dont like it.

  9. I agree with 30%. They have a partnership and it seem a bit greasy to make a demand, get your audience to help you be greasy and then cry about it later when you realize that the same partner you are be greasy with is also connected to your other core business lines. Lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggg side eye. If I was on the board for Epic I would plan to fire the CEO.

  10. I have a Samsung phone. At least I have both Samsung Galaxy App Store & Google Play on my phone. Often I can choose between the two. I tried Amazon App Store, but was blocked. Update: although initially blocked, by resetting security settings, I was able to download Amazon App Store, and my 1st app, Fongo, a VOIP app and data provider.

  11. i think its fair for apple to charge for in app purchase within their owm platform, but… their device price need to be cut half from current, didnt they already made tons of money from selling the devices?

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