BEST Aim Setting For Console – Linear vs. Exponential! (Fortnite Tips PS4 + Xbox)

In this video today we’re gonna be doing somewhat of an updated version of the linear vs. exponential debate for console players specifically. I made a video like this towards the beginning of season 2 so roughly 4 months ago, but since then a lot of things have changed in the game, and those changes heavily affect the linear vs. exponential debate as a whole. I still get plenty of comments…

32 thoughts on “BEST Aim Setting For Console – Linear vs. Exponential! (Fortnite Tips PS4 + Xbox)

  1. Yeh all the pros use linear but the best of the best controller players use exponential for example unknown army, EpikReet, Epikwhale and a few more. Since I have moved to exponential I have gerastically improved in the competitive scene

  2. Expo better with ar u can use any sens with expo cause it easy to control linear is good for shotgun fights preferred lower sense if u want good ar aim with linear u need really slow sens with linear

  3. I’m not trying to promote myself honestly but I uploaded a video of me using exponential (which I have been using since the end of legacy) am I good with expo or should I swap to linear because at close range my smg shots are trash but expo ar lasering is crazy

  4. Just wanted to show some love for your content. Just started playing 2 months ago and I’ve showed a lot of improvement getting out of the early game and increasing my elims from this and other vids. Thanks for what you do for the community, Gronky!

  5. u guys are lucky , it took me forever to get, out of of damn quick builder from the days, im 43 and my muscle memory takes way longer to train,but i do use custom now ,edit on dpad, circle is switch , but yea i cant use linear , expo is my jam

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