Best Fortnite Stream Clips | Solo’s Edition | Nickatnyte #6

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Enjoy these Fortnite Battle Royale top plays and highlights from the best moments of the nickatnyte twitch stream! Tune in live on twitch for more Fortnite action! Enjoy the video have a great day!…

24 thoughts on “Best Fortnite Stream Clips | Solo’s Edition | Nickatnyte #6

  1. Just wanted to let you all know that even though I’ve been going hard on fortnite streams and highlights lately that doesn’t mean other games like Royale are permaneteky gone. I’d appreciate some understanding on this topic as the comments have been overly negative lately and I’m just doing what’s fun for me. Things can always change but there’s no reason that not posting the same content without breaks for years on end can’t be met with a bit of open mindedness! Back with you all again soon 🙂 take it easy! -Nick

  2. Guys let Nick do what he wants, if you're only hear to watch royal then wait for the royal. But you all need to grow up. There's hundreds of clash YouTubers out there.

  3. If you wanna know how to ruin your main channel: just put the same stuff up there then on the second one.. nick please whats wrong lately?! Either give your second channel other games and make your first one for fortnite or do the same with the main one but this is just bad right now. Choose a way to go and keep it going dude!

  4. Not sure what you expected, you blew your channel up with non stop CR content and then abruptly dropped it without so much as a word of explanation…the vast majority of your supporters dug the CR content I'm sure so to get defensive and indignant at the negativity is a little tone deaf and honestly a little disrespectful to viewers that supported and grew your channel with CR…in any case do what makes you happy brother, wish you the best no matter what direction you choose to take your channel.

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