BEST WEAPON IN THE GAME! | Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay. Here’s the best weapon in the game as we randomly turn it into a no AR challenge.
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35 thoughts on “BEST WEAPON IN THE GAME! | Fortnite Battle Royale

  1. Fruit got a challenge for u I call it the medic challenge

    ok so u can do this with 2 to 4 people

    So in duos one person is a medic and one person is a gunman and in squads 2 people are gunman and 2 r medics
    The medics can hold 1 of either a kind of pistol or any kind of smg and meds and gunman can hold any kind of guns but no meds


  2. Mr Fruit, I got a challenge for ya. The Fortnite Squad Challenge. A squad of 4 is divided up into 4 classes. Each class can only carry certain items and perform certain abilities. The classes are Medic, Builder, Soldier, and Scout. The Medic is the only member of the squad that can carry healing items but he can give them to other members. The Medic is also the only member that can revive a downed ally. If the Medic is downed then he may designate one member to revive him. The Builder is the only member that can build structures. If a member need to build up or down to reach a location they must get the Builder to do so. Any materials harvested must be given to the Builder. The Scout carried Pistols and Sniper Rifles and serves as the main eyes of the team. The Soldier is allowed to carry any weapons besides Pistols and sniper rifles and is responsible for defending the team. If a member gets eliminated, their role can not be given to another member. So once you lose your healer you cannot heal at all, once you lose your Soldier and Scout you cannot shoot in their place, etc. Boogie Bombs, Smoke Grenades, and Shields may be used by any member. This encourages squads to stay together and work towards victory. After a match you may switch roles if you see fit.

  3. Mr fruit I have a challenge!!! Can you play protect the president mini game. You can only hold meds and a pistol while your team can hold anything. If you die your whole team has to leave match cause they lost

  4. Dam, that's a fine lookin skin, backpack especially, I spent this whole time just watching this green reptile-looking beauty wondering how would I ever get this irl…

  5. Mr Fruit! I got a challenge for ya!
    Overwatch: Anti-mirror challenge.
    Rules are basically, if you kill a person, you must be that hero, whether that hero you’re good at or not, don’t be picky.
    Gamemode is anything, whether it is elimination, skirmish, ffa, quick play, no limits, etc..
    Just not mystery heroes.
    If you die by a player whilst killing yourself in the process, your kill doesn’t count
    You are only allowed to kill one person
    Start on any hero it doesn’t matter,
    Feel free to add or reduce any changes, its up to you!
    (I know I’m a bit off topic of this video, do pls don’t send negative or hate comments ??)

  6. Hey Mr Fruit. PRO TIP. when gathering materials. move up close to the object. then dont move your crosshairs. the Crit spot wont move either and every hit should be critical. much more time effective 😉

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