*BIG* Fortnite Update! | Battle Pass Skin, Name Revealed, Secret Hats! ( Season 6 )

Fortnite Season 6 Update – The battle pass skin, name revealed, and secret hats is what we discuss today!

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46 thoughts on “*BIG* Fortnite Update! | Battle Pass Skin, Name Revealed, Secret Hats! ( Season 6 )

  1. Im wondering if the lake will be the mirror between two worlds, the fortnite world and the evil world, and we can see the other side looking at the reflection in the lake or travel into the evil world somehow. I dont know its just my opinion, sorry for my english im from Argentina

  2. Guys!!! I️ SOLVED THE RIDDLE! The Cube Will activate soon and Reveal that season six is time travel themed. The cube with bring us back to the season one map and progress ( have titles come and etc.) but there will be no meteor hit or cube event instead we will progress into achieving time travel. We the. Time travel I️not the past( Cowgirl Skin) or the future(Werewolf and Llama guy) and we manage to “evolve” Waling woods could turn I️ to an amusement park and tilted towers could potentially be futuristic

  3. The llama guy has a white hat and his outfit is green with party lights. The cowboy girl has red hair and black-purple outfit. A default riding a baloon llama will be in the next season too + PETS

  4. i have a theory all 3 leaks have something in common they don't look like they come from this time and that they come from the future or past so i think that loot lake will turn into a portal or something like that and make the world a mix of times like we thought season 5 was going to be.

  5. do remember when the llama got taken by the rift in season 5 trailer worlds collide i think that llama went to the future and comes back from the future or we go into the future – vikranth
    please give me v-bucks

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