(CODES) Strucid – Roblox FORTNITE Building Game HACKERS (ANTHRO)

Welcome to BLUECOW!
I play a new roblox shooter game that is like fornite called Strucid it is a lot of fun and uses the new Anthro models that are in the new roblox update I also share some codes for strucid where you can get coins hope you guys enjoyed this gameplay and reporting of hackers.
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34 thoughts on “(CODES) Strucid – Roblox FORTNITE Building Game HACKERS (ANTHRO)

  1. These people are not cheating they are good at the game your such a baby I hope your not the next ninja because he likes to report for little things, you get so offended to the most tiny things man stop whining like your your not child your an adult

  2. Litterally how is this guy cheating? Its so obvious that a bug took place when trying to aim at him and the fact you call him a cheater is hilarious due to lack of evidence you show

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