Dead Assassins (fortnite montage)

his youtube is:
his soundcloud is:
Here is the song i used in this video! :
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15 thoughts on “Dead Assassins (fortnite montage)

  1. That odd how in most the clips the name was different I know some of those clips weren't yours which is low key sad because you can only change you user name 1 every two weeks

  2. this montage is one of the best montages I’ve ever watched-the clips,the sync,the song,the editing and much’s perfect.I liked and subbed because I know how much effort you put in into this.I’m #Roadto250subs so mind supporting some love back ❤️?,

  3. Daaaang Homie this was straight 🔥, the song-sync-Clips- and the amazing edits you have prepared. You have really made a amazing montage!! We should support each other to grow each other’s YouTube channel with subs!! 🐐 ( Tell me when you sub)! 😊

  4. Bro fr tho Bro don’t let anyone tell you that you will not succeed you are hella cracked 🔥 and should keep up on the grind I dropped you a sub hopefully you can go to my channel and show me love back 🔥❤️💯💯

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