Editing In Fortnite Is BROKEN… (Fortnite Battle Royale)

In this video today we’re gonna be showcasing some editing bugs/gltiches in Fortnite right now. Recently I’ve started to see a bit of an uptick in players complaining about how inconsistent editing feels in certain situations. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that as the number of complaints about editing has gone up, so has the amount of clips I’ve seen online of weird situational editing…

45 thoughts on “Editing In Fortnite Is BROKEN… (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  1. Epic really trying to fuck decent players. Im not the best but i edit pretty fast on console, i lean my character into my edits and my builds in general have taken a hard hit this season. I dont even do double edit and sometimes a simple corner edit wont work for me, i switched to edit on release at begining of season, i started on Exponential but have switched to Leanier about a month and half ago, about 15 to 20 ping and ofcourse only 60 fps, but none of that matters to me bcuz i just want it to be as it was last season for me and its way away from that. To my understanding Epic says the new settings for console was suppose to helpus more but its made my building/editing aspect of the game far worst.

  2. Bro ever since s7 I couldn’t double edit, I thought I was just ass but when I went to my friends house I was editing like a god and his pc was worse than mine I literally don’t understand It lol

  3. I don’t use edit on release and I still get that glitch or bug that the first two clips were getting and I’m on console btw Tbh the whole game has been feeling off lately it’s like nothing works gun fights are the worst bloom, random micro stutters when I’m in fights and traps don’t place even tho I’m spamming my trap bind also when I try to pull out my builds it just doesn’t build or when I build a wall I take damage three seconds later tbh this is the worst the game has ever felt to me tbh there’s tons of more problems I can’t even fit them all on the comment tbh they should just close the game down for a week or two and fix all the problems on every platform because it’s kinda getting ridiculous how many problems this game is starting to have and I’m not a hater or anything I love fortnite I play it all the time really wish they could just put in more effort into fixing problems that the game is having 💯

  4. I grind last season to improve. I got 650 wins since season 5. This chapter ive gone backwards. Bloom on xbox one is shocking and making me not want to play. Using linear the target is on the player.. yet no shots landed. Guy 180s and lazers me whilst im still shooting. Lucky to hit 2 or 3 shot out of 10. Linear great for building, editing and shotguns. Crap for ar and smg.

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