EXTREME HIGH SCHOOL Hide & Seek! (Fortnite Challenge)

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The high school reunion was going pretty smoothly till Doctor Doom showed up! Now everyone must run and hide from the Latvarian supervillain. Tek, Beef Boss, and Ocean must hide around the high school campus as best they can. If they get caught they join the seeker team. Will anyone be spared in this game…

29 thoughts on “EXTREME HIGH SCHOOL Hide & Seek! (Fortnite Challenge)

  1. They need to have all the couples play a mini game and before you say they already did I know I’m saying have them play another but with all th- oh.. these couples are people where some of them have the same voice actor.. well just at least have other couples play a mini game

  2. beef boss"don't talk back to me you get a detention 2:47
    doom hits tek with his staff
    tek is there a reason why you want to hit me with your magic staff
    doom " yes you can't call me vicky
    tek "will it was just a joke i never meant anything mean by it vicky come on you wouldn't hurt old tek here
    doom shots tek
    ocean makes bird sounds
    beef boss "is there a bird out there
    beef boss "doom can we from a team and we can be called"
    tek "the doom burger"
    beef boss "no the looney doobies"
    doom " i do like the idea your faces is fitting so yes let let use begin with the looney doobies but first we need to find you aren't you still hiding hamburger man"
    beef boss "ya i'm in a tree go luck"
    tek shots beef boss "got he"
    beef boss scream 14:28

  3. Bruh this was uploaded when I was in bed c'mon man. But this was good no matter what. I watched this while I'm in class btw and I'm in class while I'm typing this, but when you see this I'll probably be outta school for the day. But I want to see Skye and Rox in the same mini game together again, the mini games just aren't the same with out them in one together. Skye x Rox for life!!!

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