For Fans. With Fans. AMD Fortnite Creative Maps


AMD teamed up with MAKAMAKES to bring fans four exciting maps in Fortnite Creative Island where you can experience AMD hardware from a whole new perspective. Launch Fortnite in creative mode and play the maps using map code: 8651-9841-1639

Join Fnatic and AMD streamers for a chance to win the latest generation of AMD Ryzen™ processors, AMD Radeon™ RX…

36 thoughts on “For Fans. With Fans. AMD Fortnite Creative Maps

  1. AMD made gaming possible for low budget pc users when I was just student…still kicking all games with R9 380 ..its been 5y..thank u so much…now sure gonna buy new one with own salary 😁

  2. Amd: Destroys Intel
    Amd: "Who's next!"
    Nvidia: "Please spare me! I am yet to release my TI cards that are ridiculously overpriced!"
    Amd: "Strike First, Strike Hard, NO MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Nvidia: Goes bankrupt

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