Fortnite Banning Clout Farmers and Fake Cheaters

@Fortnite has a new competitive announcement along with updates for teaming and collusion, and will now also be punishing players and pros who either fake bans or fake cheating on social media, another first for the wild Esport that is Fortnite.

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27 thoughts on “Fortnite Banning Clout Farmers and Fake Cheaters

  1. Play warzone for a day : encounter 3-5 cheaters / aimbotters / wallhackers per hour.

    Play fortnite for a day : encounter teamers / colluders every tournament.

    The hell do we play?

  2. So basically all the "pro" scene have do streamsniping on private server, on small/big event, all this "pro" do teaming and do a lot of "co-spot" on small/big event and arena itself, so why all this pro arent banned already? Try to do 1 of this thing without being a pro, after 1 day you are banned and you cant compete soon, now watch they stay in call during event and tournament and no one cares… wanna see how epic can deal with this cause i dont see equality on this by epic

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