Fortnite Creative Announcement

Get creative in Fortnite Season 7, with Fortnite Creative!

24 thoughts on “Fortnite Creative Announcement

  1. You can create your own Island
    but what about the Base Island?
    Will it be the Current Game Island?
    Will Be One Of The Many Versions Of The Game Island? or there would be a New Island? or More New Islands from you can choice as Base Island?

  2. So they took a shitty tower defence game in a 3D environment into an overdeveloped Battle Royale game, and now we have Roblox 2… See this is why I’ve never liked, enjoyed or wanted to play this game ever again after 2 months of having it…

  3. Coll I am played fortnight since it was first released into thousand 11 I know it’s all history is all it’s gonna do stuff so yeah I love fortnight good luck and I hope it does it’s really good

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