Fortnite galactus now on the horizon!

A major galactus update will be tomorrow 11/14❗️Stay tuned❗️Like sub and hit the 🛎 to stay tuned for content and galactus changes❗️

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48 thoughts on “Fortnite galactus now on the horizon!

  1. if I wanna live another day I might have to fight galactus with the avengers he's scary btw the zero point could be to much power if he ate it it would not only obliterate him into his universe but be damaged and floating in the sky and when season 5 gets here the zero point destroys and we get an old or new map or it doesn't and we keep this map and it sends us back in time to were galactus wouldn't come but the water went down and the alter ego story comes back

  2. Maybe the reason why Galactus is going off to the horizon. he’s gonna get ready to show off his 3D model in the next update an he will be back up in the sky in his 3D model form coming towards us leading into a live Event in the 28th of November on a Saturday.

  3. I subscribed you. Will you post about galactus like everyday. I don't have fortnite and i don't play it since chapter 2 released but really hyped up for this event and want to see his position everyday. Please can you post about him. 🙏

  4. My theory on what’s going too happen when the event starts I think galactus is going to take us too the old c1 map or he could take us too s5 I really do want the old map back tho maybe a black hole again? Maybe he’s going to create it maybe drift and brite will get together again? we don’t know but we do know 1 thing……………………….we still miss the old map

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