Fortnite Gameplay with 60 FPS in HONOR VIEW 20

This video has been made to the HONOR Fans across the globe. In this 60 FPS (Frame per seconds) settings have been used. HONOR View 20 is among those elite phones which can actually give you Fortnite game lovers this capability.

I am extremely novice to this game but still, I can feel the fluency and glitch free gaming that I actually become a fortnight fan.

Special thanks to TEAM HONOR…

6 thoughts on “Fortnite Gameplay with 60 FPS in HONOR VIEW 20

  1. Hey, tips for you when you're making this kind of Fortnite videos!:

    -Show them how many fps they can get
    -Show them the graphics
    -Put it on the highest graphics
    -Get a sniper
    -Look at the texture of the game
    -Look at grass (Because some people wants grass too, the graphics doesn't look perfect if it's just shadows and not grass)
    -Test every graphics settings with the highest fps you can get

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