Fortnite – How to Build Effective Kill Tunnels

Here is a longer than normal video going over a few different ways I utilize Kill tunnels when funneling/pathing the husks towards the objective. FYI this is not a tower defense game so the tunnels are not designed to fully kill “everything”. They are designed to wound, slowdown and funnel the husks to desired areas for easy pickings haha

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45 thoughts on “Fortnite – How to Build Effective Kill Tunnels

  1. I actually didn't know that wall dynamos ignite propane tanks, I was wondering why my tunnels kept blowing up… Thanks, find out something new from every video I watch of yours…

  2. Straight tunnels are best but if I have limited space I'll add a few twists and turns. So far no husks have clawed their way through the walls. I think that as long as they're making progress towards their goal they will follow the tunnel. Also, add some wall launchers to keep them moving.

  3. In most of my games I do the same thing by letting my traps kill all the enemies and if there's a mist monster I'll wait until I get close to the base and then light their ass up I also use my Defenders too you would not believe how many people on my team would stand in front of the traps and try to fight the Miss monsters die and then they get mad at me because I didn't go out and try to revive them and me die that's why I don't play with public people anymore

  4. I think the husks follow dykstras algorithm remember learning about it and how it works and seems to apply when I’ve done tests with it. If you apply wood as 1 brick as 2 and metal as 3 and each upgrade is +1 as path values between nodes. Not sure about dividers maybe the health of each tile is a percentage of these values… say a flat wall is 100% and a small 2×1 wall is 30% of its health… then if it’s Non-upgraded wood the value would be 0.3 instead of 1. Would it be possible if you checked these claims as I’m no maths genius by any means and could have made mistakes. Also it seems like it’s something you maybe into. Thanks man.

  5. I'm 2 weeks into this game and WOW was this valuable information. Screw the loot llamas and "how to get into twine way too early" useless videos… THIS makes it incredibly easy for me to solo anything and everything. I've tested it for 2 days now, and thanks to you I have full stacks of wall darts & floor spikes in my inventory at all times.

    Only downside is when you're playing with kids who don't understand pathing & onion everything.

    I had one kid INSIST on an onion and even destroyed my tunnel on that side… the spawns were split 50/50 & I built a simple 3 tile long tunnel… he "onioned" 4-5 layers of metal. To prove a point, I stood there and didn't fire a bullet, meanwhile he's struggling as they break through (it was just the two of us). I didn't let his zombies get to the objective… but I'm sure he got the idea when I wasn't helping him.

    Speaking of which… anyone interested in adding a newer player? I'm power 17 and I'd like a crew to run with, maturity is a must.

  6. great bldg ideas ty, liked n subscribed..question do u know why my cards are now locked? i tried puting some in my collection book, also tri0ed reycled, but there still locked any idea why or what im suppose to do to unlock?

  7. personally i don't use kill tunnels, i just build a basic box around the objective and line it with a few wall traps and then i start it up and kill everything as they come. but then again i am a ninja and i zip around killing everything with my Dragon Slash and flaming founders Masumune(i think that's the name) sword, it's funny because i even kill fire husks with 1 to 2 slashes from a sword that does fire damage

    but i do thank you for the video and i will keep these in mind for if i ever start playing a builder

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