Fortnite – Legendary Troll Stash Llama Opening || Legendary weapons, traps, epic survivors, traps!

Legendary Troll Stash Llamas. These are not the same as the Legendary Troll Truck Loot Llamas from last time. These are like their baby siblings. Still some awesome loot though! Legendaries, epics, schematics, survivors, weapons, traps. All of it!

Fortnite is described as a co-op sandbox survival game and is about exploration, scavenging items, crafting weapons, building fortified structures,…

45 thoughts on “Fortnite – Legendary Troll Stash Llama Opening || Legendary weapons, traps, epic survivors, traps!

  1. I was once very unlucky and got the silver llama and thought I was gunna get gold, I was so excited, and then I smashed the silver and instead of getting a gold llama I got a fucking silver llama with common and uncommon schematics

  2. Wow do you see what the players are writing bottom left end on video at 8:21…. Spent 350$ so far on BUYING LLAMAS!!!!! My friend gave me the code for free and i still cant imagine spending $ to MABY get something good buying llamas.

  3. Both of mine sucked, and I only got 18 cards, and 3 really trash legendaries… No options.
    I've opened normal llamas that were better than this.
    You know, if they're going to be all "give us money" at least make the free llamas (because daily quests = vbucks) worth making us want to throw actual money at.

  4. Later in game you game legs day transform schematic for a Melee weapon and one for a ranged weapon. On the ranged weapon one I got the super shredder?. but I costs a lot of purple stuff to transform to orange so save all your purple doubles for now u will need them

  5. You know a game has issues when random loot box opening is considered content. Since buying this game my rng luck has been horrendous, so my game experience has been sub par. Watching good loot drops just makes me salty, & want to browse for a new game on steam.

  6. is it better to buy 2 or 3 of these (500 each) with maybe 2 orange/yellow color rarity each and 8-10 cards each? or buy the troll truck that costs 1500 (which I bought) and has 20 cards and about 6 orange/yellow cards plus a Mythic (not guaranteed I think)?

  7. I wish i had gotten the truck ones, but i got these two today.

    Side note, i generally don't like these kind of micro transactions. These are very much pay for power.

  8. How do you unlock the tactical bonus? I have a outlander with a tactical bonus but it's locked for some reason. Also I'm quite happy with what I got from my 2 llamas. The legendaries were 1 burst assault, 1 fully auto assault, 1 pump shotgun and a revolver (I can't remember what they were called)

  9. I really think you did great in this video but if you read my last comment with that small pistol aka Thrasher. You would do damage for days!! Remember yellow has 5 different statues and purple has 4. So please don't use your stuff on purple unless you will evolve them to yellow.

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