Fortnite | Map Changes and Secret Updates! Week 9 Season 9

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Here’s everything that happened this week in fortnite battle royale!

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47 thoughts on “Fortnite | Map Changes and Secret Updates! Week 9 Season 9

  1. first off, HUGE fan
    so i believe at the end of robo vs eyeballs/monster the robot will turn eyeballs into stone and eyeballs will then fall on top of Junk Junction and then the dog enters the stone version of eyeballs and will pick the boy up and put him back to his family.plz sub to me its 10 30 am. THANKS for reading this theory of mine.

  2. Theory:The robot is built the monster comes back to fight it and then the robot kills the monster from polar peak and there fight ends up in the process destroying the map and then the robot has to build a new map and for now we all live in the bunker jonsey was in and the dragon eggs that originaly were in the castle hatch and then they come in season 10 and they take over the map and then we have dragons as a new transport and season 11 the vault opens up again but instead of the portal taking us to the vault it messes up and takes us back to a different season maybe in the future or the past and we get stuck in that season and we have either bew locations or old locations depending on the season we go to

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