Fortnite Mobile Could NOT BE RETURNING…

Fortnite mobile has been off the app store for a while now and it seems that it could not be returning for a while. The Epic Games vs Apple legal battle has been a rough one over the past few months and there seems to be no end in sight. The Fortnite vs Apple battle has lead fortnite to being off the apple store for months which has made many fortnite mobile players upset at Apple and Epic….

26 thoughts on “Fortnite Mobile Could NOT BE RETURNING…

  1. Funny ass video as always
    Also why tf is apple being petty as fuck rn. Like litterally you take 30% from everyone why do you need money? Oh yea so you can add 4 more camera lenses to the iPhone 69+
    Bunch of dumbasses I swear

  2. I am hoping that they revert the payment thing before the end of October so that ios players can play, but I don't think they will because they just care about the money not the fortnite mobile community they also have lost more than 70% of fortnite mobile players

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