Fortnite Mobile is Gone FOR A YEAR (Epic LOST)

Everything You Need To Know About The Court Hearing (Sept 28)
in this video, I will go over all the important topics in the court hearing and unfortunately, I have some BAD NEWS…….

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14 thoughts on “Fortnite Mobile is Gone FOR A YEAR (Epic LOST)

  1. They said they are going to have a jury trial, but both companies (apple and epic) rejected to take it to a jury trial and said they will just do another court hearing, so the game will be back a lot sooner. The next court meeting is going to be in January, still a bit far away but much sooner :). Don’t give up!

  2. I definitely agree with your opinion but I can gurantee Fortnite will come back on mobile soon like a couple months before the fucko owner realizes that apple was fair and Reccomend Among us

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