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44 thoughts on “Fortnite MOBILE is NOT COMING BACK?! | Fortnite Accounts Being DELETED | FORNITE MOBILE NEWS!

    REMEMBER THERES A 50/50 chance mobile will come back. Don’t loose hope ❤️ VIDEO COMING OUT EVERYDAY THIS WEEK 💕

    If you created a Fortnite account through Apple sign in then make sure you sign in through epic and you’ll be fine

  2. #alg At first i was epics side I had high hopes for them then i found out apples side and i lost hope and ever since that stuff started happening i started watching videos about what was going down but at the end of the day epic was wrong for what they did and both of them wanted money apple did what they did so there for i really cant chose a side but still #freefortnite

  3. Well I wasn’t on anyone’s side cause epic can really just take out the discount for the items in the game and then it will be over but also I think epic is gonna win either way because if apple wins they will add fortnite back to the App Store cause it one of the best games they had they will add it to the App Store and remove the discount on the items and if epic wins they will keep the discount on items in the game because as you guys may know Apple is a monopoly all they want is money as they said on a post “if any other company wants to go against them and try to do the same this epic did they will cut off the game and the developer” so that’s why I’m on epics so for this respond to this if you think differently cause right now we need all the information we need

  4. Don’t worry it is coming back if you didn’t hear what people are saying they said that if Apple wins fortnite is in the App Store but epic has to revert the payment system but if epic wins they still have to bring it back to the AppStore and still keep the epic direct payment system

  5. So this is how it gonna work girl power…APPLE/BADGUY is gonna lose money bc half of there money comes from fortnite mobile EPIC/GOODGUY wont care bc fortnite will still make money bc there still on console and android so mobile coming back to IOS if it dont then apple trippin they must be on drugs if it dont come back

  6. I heard from a YouTuber that Apple is fight for the epic to remove the reduced prices and epic is fighting for the 30% reduction but Apple said if epic removes that payment option they will welcome them with open arms and that right there tells me that the game will come back on that day even if apple wins because Apple is a 3 trillion dollar company and epic is a I think 2 or 3 billion dollar company and both companies are losing money from the fact that iOS players aren’t there to play and Apple won’t be getting 30% of the pay they were expecting so their money is going down aswell and both companies are doing most of this for money and so if Apple wins they get to tell the judge to have epic remove the side payment and if epic were to win then they get to tell the judge have apple reduce the 30% but at the end of the day it’s a win win situation so whoever wins the game will still come back

  7. Honestly, on Apple’s side. Epic broke the terms of service and like you said gave multiple turns to REVERT THE PAYMENT SYSTEM. But they didn’t. So epic and Apple are making both companies lose money and isn’t that what epic loves the most? I honestly don’t get their logic, there are a hell of a lot of mobile players, since it’s so easy to play on your phone or iPad or some type. They might even be bigger than consoles because of their portability. They literally just took maybe a quarter to 30% of their players away because of direct payment. (The quarter and 30% was my opinion.) also, not to mention, epic just took away some people’s jobs. Some you tubers just got monetization, like girl power, but some can’t buy a console or a pc. So they’re stuck basically.

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