Fortnite MOBILE RETURNING TO APPSTORE TODAY! (Epic VS Apple Court Hearing)

What’s up guys, in this video I talked about the new Fortnite chapter 2 season 4 mobile Fortnite App Store return release date IOS! This video also talks about how to get Fortnite season 4 on mobile IOS/App Store & Fortnite mobile how to play chapter 2 season 4. Fortnite was banned from the IOS Apple App store & the Android Google Play store which means everyone who plays Fortnite mobile can…

36 thoughts on “Fortnite MOBILE RETURNING TO APPSTORE TODAY! (Epic VS Apple Court Hearing)

  1. Hi Everyone
    I’m really sorry to break this to you, but I have read an official article on Twitter that Epic won the court case and the next hearing probably won’t be until next year. I’m also sorry to say that Fortnite mobile has a risk of being permanently banned. I apologise to make all of you feel this way, but I don’t want you going off into false accusations about the game

    Have a safe and great day

  2. ITs not back. Case will go to trial in July unless they come up with a compromise this week. The judge tried to negotiate to put fortnite back and have the 30% go to a 'holding account.' Sadly, Epic said NO! They don't want to deal and accused the judge of taking sides. So, sorry guys no Fortnite for a long time unless they agree to something this week. Epic won't budge.

  3. actually epğic didnt do this to sue apple and android they made it so they could remove appstore and replace appstore with epğiccgamesstore with all of the games for cheaper actually apple sues epic now (my epic worker agent told this)

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