Fortnite Mobile Season 4 Release Date! (VERY SOON!)

Fortnite Mobile Season 4 Release Date
Fortnite Mobile Season 4 News and Updates
Fortnite Mobile Ban

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This channel is run by two best friends, Landon (Heidrich69) and Colten (MobileBoys_YT). We both play claw on Fortnite Mobile with iPad Pro 2020s.

Mobile Boys posts daily updates as well…

41 thoughts on “Fortnite Mobile Season 4 Release Date! (VERY SOON!)

  1. I’m expecting it to come back to the end of September let’s hope it does otherwise I can see a lot of content creators moving platform until Mobile comes back let’s hope it does can’t wait to see MobileBoys upload some s4 gameplay

  2. Les gooooooo! I knew it was gonna be at the end of September. I am really excited to play season 4. Hopefully they give us a free battlepass or some skin or cosmetic for free. Also one more thing, I am calling Landon out for a 1v1!

  3. I like how you get to the point really fast unlike other YouTubers you have to wait 10 minutes just to get little to no info but for you, short and sweet (short time with efficient information) 👍

  4. U need to stop copying GOLDEN’s content. It’s really uncool. I dare you to put a news video before GOLdEn. But u won’t be able to because all u do is copy from other people. Hope u feel good about urself

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