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Fortnite Mobile UPDATE on APPLE VS EPIC!

Fortnite Mobile Update and News
Fortnite Mobile Season 4 News
Fortnite Mobile Apple vs Epic Case

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This channel is run by two best friends, Landon (Heidrich69) and Colten (MobileBoys_YT). We both play claw on Fortnite Mobile with iPad Pro 2020s.

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32 thoughts on “Fortnite Mobile UPDATE on APPLE VS EPIC!

  1. Hope this can be over soon if not COD moblie is popping I'm so overpower with the QQ9 smg it's my favorate gun in COD moblie and the new going dark mode is so cool hope to see more COD moblie content hopefully so streams that I can play in with you and our fallen fortnite moblie community looking up to the future 👍

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