Fortnite mobile zone war and solo highlights.

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What device are you using?
-iPad Pro 11” (2018)

Do you use claw?
-Yes (6 finger claw)

What do you use to record?
-Elgato HD60 pro

Are you in a team/clan?
-Yeah I’m in Celeste

What servers do you play on?

What is your kill…

25 thoughts on “Fortnite mobile zone war and solo highlights.

  1. Your cracked and probably the best I’ve seen I’m only learning to edit well since I’m good at building and shooting but I need to work on my edits and keep up the good work I told 9 of my friends to subscribe and they love you’re channel

  2. So I seen this fake Fortnite mobile download ad and they used 1 of your videos but left ur YT really small and I'm not sure if you are aware of this making sure u know bro

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