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Hey Guys today i will be showing you my UPDATED!! Fortnite aim abuse settings for Fortnite!!! I just wanted to say thank you guys so much for the all the subs and likes from my previous video we hit a total of 18k views !!!f you need any help comment down below !!! AND DONT FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!!

Xbox Firmware update & Configuration…

40 thoughts on “Fortnite NEW AIM ABUSE SETTING XB1/PS4 2019 (UPDATED!!)

  1. Hey guys I'm very happy with my striker pack too; my big problem are my eyes and aim so this extra accessory has been helpful. But one of my big problem is if I can be banned from games what can you tell me?

  2. What's the difference between just regular builder pro button layout on ModCentral vs the Builder Pro Right D-Pad (Edit)? Is that vital if I want to use this setup to it's fullest are can I just leave mine set to just regular Builder Pro as my button layout? And have you guy's tried the Fortnite optimized MOD class? It seems a little weird but ok, their's just not as much you can do with it compared to just the regular Fortnite Mod

  3. I'm struggling woth optimized fortnite. No aim abuse doing crpuching, no assostamce following target with my help to hit every shot like a few weeks ago. I need a full line of configuration to hit every single shot that my gun spitted like old days. I'm able to due something thru paypal with you if works

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