We are taking a look at the Boom Bow – The Brand New Sniper Just Released For Completing The 14 Days Of Summer Event. No matter how you slice it, its an awesome and fun weapon to play around with. Great in endurance, and good any any hero!

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26 thoughts on “FORTNITE | *NEW* SNIPER THE BOOM BOW | PERK IT OR PASS IT | This Bow Is AWESOME! (But Broken)

  1. Loving this bow with chromium Ramirez. She’s a must for encampments because of the reload speed. It helps out a lot. I’ve tried several missions with subzero zenith, and he’s good for freezing the enemy every now and then but Ramirez is my favorite so far. Didn’t even have a reason to use her as commander until now. Thank you epic for this bow. So fun

  2. What’s ur build for the crank shot I can’t tell if I want to keep double crit rating or change it fro double crit damage. Also r u sure crit is the best for the old besty I have 6 of them n I don’t k ow which is better

  3. I've seen Redline Ramirez does does pretty well with this weapon. Might not get the highest damage per shot, but apparantly she does pull the string back faster with her commander perk.

  4. Thanks for getting this out so fast, 6 hours testing + editing is a lot of work!
    I've only been testing at the moment with a Malachite PL82 Boom Bow, default perks (dmX2, crX1 and cdx1, 1 x phys) all perked to rare. Chromium Ramirez lead and Quick Scope, Locked & Reloaded, Cold to the Touch (seems to work regardless frozen or not), Sure Shot and Icy Shot.

    As you pointed out the damage numbers are all over the place which is the biggest problem, it's just too unreliable in serious solo play but great fun for smaller groups of husks. One thing I did note is that the stun effect seems to be quite high regardless of damage.

  5. The bow works by doing a very small amount of damage with the arrow itself and does it’s main damage with its explosion ie in br it does 100 explosive damage and does 15 damage with the arrow and 30 damage with headshots

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