Fortnite News – Battle Royale FTP, Squads Update & PVE Info

Apparently due to a copyright claim this video does not play on all devices… the info i cover is located at the link in the description box.

Here is a video recap of some news and info, Fortnite dropped this morning over at the following link.

Fortnite Link:

PVE Mode: Block Party Link: …

6 thoughts on “Fortnite News – Battle Royale FTP, Squads Update & PVE Info

  1. The fact that BR mode will be officially released for free before the PvE mode reeks of PvE mode being delegated to the sideline while BR will be pushed to the front. Tsk a shame cause I bought it for the PvE mode.

  2. I feel so stupid for the money I spent on this game. Like everyone else who supported it all this time, I thought I was supporting the rare PVE co-op game that you could hang with friends and play with. Now I cant even continue quest progression in just the lvl 40 zones much less long survivals thanks too the pubg clone mode they shoe-horned in for a quick cash grab fracturing the player base.

    If Block party doesnt come soon I guess Ill just uninstall and head to Destiny 2 knowing that once a real Pubg game hits consoles this shitty version will die and kill the rest of the game with it (Whats left of it), in short order.

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