Fortnite Nintendo Switch Motion Controls Are Broken & Nothing Like Splatoon 2

Fortnite’s Motion Controls aren’t beyond saving, but there’s not much point in using them as they are right now.

Once again, big, huge, enormous lovely thanks to everyone who messaged me on Twitter!

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47 thoughts on “Fortnite Nintendo Switch Motion Controls Are Broken & Nothing Like Splatoon 2

  1. Splatoon is just way smoother in every way tbh. They have tried to port it well and in some ways they did, but it is beaten by mobile at this point. There are phones getting 60fps. Oof

  2. The issue that I've had with the motion controls is the fact that you need to tilt the controller like mario kart to go left and right, which isn't how splatoon's work.

  3. These are the best settings for intermediate to pro-ish players on the switch with motion controls.
    (Builder Pro)
    X: .55
    Y: .45
    Targeting: .4
    Scope: .4
    Building: 2.0
    Motion Not Targeting/Targeting: (handheld) .15, (console) .10
    Motion Scoped: (handheld) .08, (console) .05
    Motion Harvesting: .50

    HUD: .75

    Sprint by Default: On
    Reset Building Choice: Off
    Aim Assist: On
    Edit Mode Aim Assist: Off
    Turbo Building: On
    Turbo Delete: On
    Auto-Run: On
    Auto Open Doors/Pick Up Weapons: Off
    Auto-sort Consumables to Right: On

    Controller Edit Hold Time: .130

  4. Bro same when I first tried gyro on Fortnite… let’s just say it was NOT Splatoon 2 so I thought it was butt.. BUT now I put them on and I beat my friend which is a PC PLAYER so yeah gyro is back

  5. Motion controls on handheld are great. Docked to the TV and using the joycon controllers, motion controls are horrible. I've never played Splatoon 2 so I don't know the motion controls, but I played a lot of BotW and I loved the motion controls on that game. Handheld fortnite controls are similar to BotW. On the joy con controller, they change tho..

  6. This just a few months in the future, I've tried the motion controls again. Conclusion of the new attempt? Don't use the ROLL motion control method, it SUCKS, use the YAW motion control method it feels closer to splatoon 2.
    Are the motion controls (with the YAW motion control mode) good? yes they are and they work quite nicely, You might never be able to go back after using the YAW motion control mode.

  7. I played on the switch for the first time coming from ps4 and it was so easy and slow i got 5 kills and motion controls are better than the joysticks i hate the positions of joysticks and its perfect for sniping

  8. They should have a quality mode which would be how I looks and runs now, and a 60fps mode with same resolution but everything else is lowered to minimum with probably slightly inconsistent 60fps

  9. Me: turns on fortnite motion controls, thinking that it will be like splatoon 2 (my fav shooter game)

    after playing with the motion controls and an enemy appears

    (Chuckle) I’m in danger.

  10. If anyone here says that the motionsense works fine in fortnite, you all are wrong, just compare how precise you can be in zelda, and how precise you can be in fortnite. Sometimes i get my aim moving alone or moving to a set position for no reason in fortnite, its moves alone, and when you try to aim its starts to shake insanely, i have tried both high and low aim speeds, and both are sucks as hell. Im really wondering on turning off the motion sense and use only the sticks.

  11. as a motion reliant player.. I'm not a fan of only moving on the X-axis and I'm reliant on the y-axis
    (If there is a way to enable Y-axis PLEASE let me know…)

  12. how do i fix when i'm playing fortnite on my Nintendo switch and the camera moves to the right Is it the joycons or something i did wrong.Thinking i should probably buy a pro controller to see if it fixes it.

  13. The only problem with splatoon is you can't look up and down with the stick while the motion controls are on so I have to hit Y and it resets the camera to far and I'm like arg other than that splatoon seams better thought I have not extensively tested fortnite's motion controls

  14. I tried motion controls on season 5 when it came out and it was great. I actually won my first solo game with it. Just now, when I turn on motion controls, the x targetting is broken and doesn’t work now. The y position works for motion and x doesn’t. I think this helps since I’m S+/X rank player in splatoon and I really want to use motion controls in fortnite, but I can’t because the x positioning doesn’t work

  15. I tried to use motion controls in Fortnite but it seems like I can't move right or left at all with them, and I turned the sensitivity to the max! Anyone know how to fix it. I'd rather have it be grid-like then practically unusable.

  16. I tried using motion controls on Fortnite and I ended up having to almost snap my neck to shoot someone if I turn the wrong direction or if they just move from left to right from behind me moral of the story is. Don't use motion controls without knowing right stick also turns.

  17. The problem still isn't fixed, the motion control's before were perfectly fine but needed some touch up, but why the hell you make it like splatoon? Only up and down like really? Free motion is key for a game like this, imagine doom motion controls similar to splatoon 2! They add stupid updates sometimes daily and always weekly but still haven't put the motion controls back to the way it was before. I feel like they are saving switch for last and putting everything ahead of us like we don't matter

  18. You had the sensitivity way too high for scope, more than .10 is too much. And the 5.1 update has destroyed motion, especially for inverted players.

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