Fortnite on PS5 | 20 Next Gen Updates You Need To See (Xbox Series X too)

So the next gen consoles are finally here! The Xbox series X and my personal bae the PS5. So I decided to compare the PS4 experience to the new and improved PS5 to see what has changed between these console generations. And I gotta say, I’m impressed! I’m gonna break down everything I’ve noticed on PS5 but keep in mind these are on Xbox series X too….

50 thoughts on “Fortnite on PS5 | 20 Next Gen Updates You Need To See (Xbox Series X too)

  1. Looks awesome but i will have to wait a few years to get one. Due to local import duties based on todays exchange rates PS5 digital is about 650 USD or 495 UK pounds. Youtube will be my friend to watch the next gens then…

  2. Hey PSG, I'm Brazilian and even though I understand nothing and writing this message through the google translator, I like to watch his videos because he is cool and brings comfort in watching him, I wish this channel success.

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  4. Is there going to be a competitive setting? Like where you can turn all those graphics down because end game when the games get stacked I know the frames are going to drop

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