Fortnite Quick Solo Win! (Fortnite Mobile w/ Controller)

I’m back on mobile with controller guys! More videos are on the horizon! Subscribe for more content!

22 thoughts on “Fortnite Quick Solo Win! (Fortnite Mobile w/ Controller)

  1. Cool man 🔥🔥 I love ur vids so much and I hope one day I’ll be like you🤍 also which device are you using? Im using an Iphone Xr it has 60fps but I cant play using it 60 i press apply and it doesnt change it stays on 30fps 🙁 idk why (my 3d graphics thing is on50% ) i dont know what to do I hope u can help me also the phone isnt that Old I bought it this march so I hope you can help me 🤍

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