FORTNITE – SAMURAI SCRAPPER PACK REVIEW & GAMEPLAY (Is The New Samurai Scrapper Pack Worth $15.99?)

There is a new Save The World pack available, which is also able to be used in Battle Royale. This Samurai Scrapper Pack contains the following:
– Access to “Save the World” PvE Campaign
– Samurai Scrapper Taiga Hero
– Scrapper Spear Weapon Schematic
– Samurai Scrapper Outfit
– Scrapper Sashimono Back Bling
– Samurai Scrapper Challenge: Earn up to 1000 V-Bucks & 1000 X-Ray Tickets by…

21 thoughts on “FORTNITE – SAMURAI SCRAPPER PACK REVIEW & GAMEPLAY (Is The New Samurai Scrapper Pack Worth $15.99?)

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  2. I bought this pack and someone told me that you will not get v bucks daily mission after you finsh the samurai challenges.. is that true ? 😰

  3. Tabor. The reason why he is covered in crap is because in svw do you really think a person can get actual samurai armor with zombies and a storm around… no. He had to use what he could find. Think about backstories from now on.

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