Fortnite SEASON 4 – 15 Things YOU DIDN'T Know!

Fortnite SEASON 4 – 15 Things YOU DIDN’T Know!
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40 thoughts on “Fortnite SEASON 4 – 15 Things YOU DIDN'T Know!

  1. I am a subscriber and have post notifications on and liked the video and use your code in the itemshop all the time! And my epic user is Doomisyourmaker or R5-S9_Racer1 please gift me!

  2. T5G: If u don't like and subscribe u will have school on live event
    ME: live events for me mostly happen in midnight or at 1 am so ok
    but like and subscribe man he does awesome content that every fortnite player wants
    if u want pls sub to my channel brutuz gamerz

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