Fortnite Update 5.1 Patch Notes | Fortnite Birthday Event

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48 thoughts on “Fortnite Update 5.1 Patch Notes | Fortnite Birthday Event

  1. So the whole advancing from one stormshield defense to another, is it only for the new canny valley quest storyline or is it for all of save the world? Right now I'm in plankerton and I'm wondering if I could do that

  2. And im most hyped for the freebies in the loot tab, im hoping at least one of the few items we can't get in the birthday lama will be added to the loot tab for a limited time for everyone to have for free. Just a thought.

  3. If I purchased the limited edition would I pay less to get the ultimate edition??? Or if I get the super deluxe edition do I pay less for the ultimate edition??? Someone please tell me as the sale ends tomorrow here in Australia.

  4. I just bought STW for €20,-, but for some reason a 1500 vbuck lama was free. I got a legendary builder/ 2 legendary survivors/ a legendary sniper/ a legendary fire trap/ a legendary sword. Amazing lol

  5. Just got skulltrooper jonesy is it bad that I like raven more?! Haha I never use urban assault headhunter either but oh yea I also got the vacuum tube launcher so I'm kinda happy now I just need the trash cannon and neon launcher Haha

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