Fortnite Update: Season 5 Leaks?! Halloween Begins | Map Changes v14.30!

Fortnite Update: Season 5 Leaks?! Halloween Begins, Map Changes v14.30!

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41 thoughts on “Fortnite Update: Season 5 Leaks?! Halloween Begins | Map Changes v14.30!

  1. (Update) Can you make a video about this)Are you streamer who plays with fans? Do you hate to get grief or the player? These option help you and the player base in your customs, because everyone will not always kill you or cheat? If this gets attention fortnite custom will change forever!

    Here is some options for players who have custom codes and custom matches

    1.)Health/Shield(1,25,50,75,100 etc)
    2.)Allow Building (Yes or No)

    Allow Shotguns(Yes or No)
    Allow SMGs(Yes or No)
    Allow LMGs(Yes or No)
    Allow Friendly Fire(Yes,No)
    Allow Assaults Rifles(Yes,No)
    Allow Killing(Yes or No)
    Allow Fishing(Yes or No)
    Allow Reboot Vans(yes or no)
    Storm Circle[On or Off]
    Storm Surge(On or Off)
    Game Modes(Ltm)
    (Note:there's more that can be added)

  2. I’m honestly waiting for Christmas so that bundles comes back into the item shop (you know, the white cuddle team leader?) because I wanna see Carl come back into the item shop. Now before u say “ThE bAcKbLiNg iS cAlLeD gWiNnY nOt CaRl” I have a penguin plush irl that I named Carl so I call the gwinny backbling Carl. Also I do already own Carl. I got him when he came out so I want to see him come back so I can see a lot more Carls on the map.

  3. Excuse me but if anybody can help me with the Wolverine challenges please reply I have been trying it for at least 5 hours now and I can't do it
    Edit: I DID IT!!! if you need help just reply.

  4. Fun fact: Yesterday’s update for some reason also brought a slight change to the grotto. It isn’t anything opening, it’s just that on the map there’s some rocks on it.
    (Also, this isn’t actually a thing you can visit and see, it’s just a change on the mini map.)

  5. i know not many people play fortnite like they used too, but i think postboxpat deserves to reach 1 mill, so before eventually the best moments fade away.
    lets get pat to that 1 mill he deserves!

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