FORTNITE (UPDATED ) On 4 GB RAM ,GT710 & Dual core processor

Read the description below:-

My opinion – The game works fine however there fps drops very often

Get few more fps – –

GT 710 Overclocked

With recording software= 11-32 fps
without recording software :-


For more info , watch the video


Windows 10 64bit
Nvidia Geforce Gt710 2gb DDR3

27 thoughts on “FORTNITE (UPDATED ) On 4 GB RAM ,GT710 & Dual core processor

  1. You need 8gb ram .. i have a gt1030 with 4gb ram and i have those drops but when i had gtx 1050 and 8gb ram there was none
    Ps : this game is shit and it's only downloaded on my pc cause my little brother plays it lol

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