Fortnite x Spotify, 100 Item Shops Leaked, Loot Fight FREE VBUCKS Event!

Fortnite New Update – Fortnite x Spotify, 100 Item Shops Leaked, and Loot War FREE VBUCKS Event are what we discuss today!

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35 thoughts on “Fortnite x Spotify, 100 Item Shops Leaked, Loot Fight FREE VBUCKS Event!

  1. Hey camping… i was wondering if you could cut up the news by putting the time in the description… i think thats easier than just hearing something youve allready heard before hearing what you want… and if you see this then you have made my day

  2. I'm really upset because I couldn't see the Demogorgon in all those skins. Did anyone see it? TCR said he would link it but I can't find the link. Someone please help me!

  3. I would like to say everybody forgot how this man saved the oldest anarchy server in minecraft i still have respect for this man also im not anti fortnite its a great game

  4. Ive made a video on how to actuslly remove delay on controller and at 20 likes im gknna upload a video of how to make u pickaxe toggle look like a macro.

  5. At 8:33 you can see the emblem of the "Widow's Pirouette" emote as the second slot of the emotes. Maybe this is hinting to the possible return of the Black Widow and Star-Lord skins? At the same row towards the end you can also see what looks like another new synced emote that we haven't seen before. It's not double-up because you can see that further down the list. In the end of the second to last row we see what looks like either the team monster/team mech or the team burger/team tomato. Maybe food fight is coming back? And in one of the earlier charts we see the marshmello skin pop-up, so maybe that skin is returning? I could go on and on about other small details I noticed but I don't feel like it, so find other stuff out urself lol.

  6. Theory: Iron Man upgrades the battle bus. Then galactus comes and they realize they can’t beat him so they go back to the old map (on the cover of the leaked comic where they fight him they are on the old map) then galactus follows them there and they are forced to fight him. Code TheCampingRusher

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