Fortnite's Craziest Event Ever!!!

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45 thoughts on “Fortnite's Craziest Event Ever!!!

  1. Hey ninja what's up bro. I have question for you. I have low pc but I want to start gaming channel on YouTube but my pc cant run today's games or which are trending like pubg or fortnite. So do you have suggestions for me to start gaming channel with low specs pc . MY SPECS ARE core 2 quad q6600 with 4gb ram ddr3 and quadro 2000

  2. You need to chill, most people emote after a sick frag or a laser. Don’t always assume someone is stream snipping you just because you die… And mostly when you try to abuse the power you have with such a huge fanbase. (that we all you know you)

    All I want you to know is just relax with calling people out; at least have some proof before you start drama.

    Just wanted to say this because the situation with IcyFive.

  3. I love the second everyone uses the butterfly rift everyone starts attacking each other like give everyone time to check figure what just happens lol

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