Gifting Stonewood players 130 God Rolls guns! Fortnite Save The world

This video is me helping out the stonewood players by giving them 130 God roll Hydras, the reason why I always do gifiting and giveaways is because I want to help out the community, way to many people scam nowadays and it’s really sad to see a great game go downhill. I’m one of the only guys trying to fix the community and help people out, if you guys did enjoy this video then please leave a…

37 thoughts on “Gifting Stonewood players 130 God Rolls guns! Fortnite Save The world

  1. If you're wondering why I always do giveaways and gift people materials/ Guns it's because the community has fallen apart and everyone scams, I try my best to fix it by helping people out and giving them their materials back with what I have farmed. All my materials traps guns etc. Have all been legitly earned or traded for, I have never used the duplication glitch or cheating my way up here with these materials, I have screenshots of my materials way before the dupe glitch came out and I can tell you 1 thing for sure, I had way more 6 star and 5 star items back in the days, but where I always help people out it's starting to get smaller. Maybe a HUGE inventory to you guys but to me it's not as big as what it used to be. If you do enjoy my content please be sure to like the video and comment what videos you want to see soon. Thanks for watching and I'll see you tomorrow!

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