How I Got 1st In Mobile Solo Cash cup ($2000)

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50 thoughts on “How I Got 1st In Mobile Solo Cash cup ($2000)

  1. You guys know you have bot lobby’s and you have advantages on the rest because your ping and 120 FPS the rest are on less FPS and higher ping like me anyone wanna see great game play on 30 FPS check me

  2. Slt I am a ps4 controller player who has $ 1600 of learning Perf: solo $ 500 cash cup platform and $ 1100 in winter royal duo (proof in support) I am looking for a mobile player who has 120fps with good mechanics experience in endzone and if possible with cash I am French

  3. You are the best mobile player in the Word how whas you not in the world cup and I not gona be so Gud like you becus I play whit 30fps and can play whit 60fps

    Plz help me like so I can try my hard to Get 60fps😊

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