How to Change Language on Fortnite PS4 2019 (Language Changed All Games)

How to Change Language on Fortnite PS4 2019 This video will help you change language on PS4 for multiple games including Fortnite! This quick tutorial will teach you what you need to do and get you all set in less than a minute!

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42 thoughts on “How to Change Language on Fortnite PS4 2019 (Language Changed All Games)

  1. This video is one way not to do it. The correct way is to

    1. Go into the game (I was in Battle Royal Lobby)
    2. Press the options button on your controller
    3. Go to the settings symbol. (little cog)
    4. R1 to the next cog symbol
    5. Down 1 to the language.

    This is how I did it anyway.

  2. My sons PlayStation randomly changed to some random Chinese but the system settings are still in English, it’s only different in fortnite, I tried this method and it didn’t work, any tips?

  3. Hi Kevin, I really hope you see this. I got my PC back in July, and I have a gtx 1080ti, i7 8700K, and 32GB ram just like you I think. Ever since around Christmas time my gameplay has been stuttering, hitching, jittery, whatever you wanna call it. Anyway, it's getting really annoying and I'm not sure how to fix it. I've changed my Nvidia control panel settings by setting my OpenGl to my 1080ti, turned on prefer maximum performance, turned on threaded optimization, and turned off V-Sync because I have a 165hz (G-Sync 2560×1440) monitor. I use a G502 hero mouse but I doubt that has anything to do with it. In windows power and sleep settings, i've set it to maximum performance. I've done just about everything I can think of and if the problem doesn't have something to do with one of those, the only other thing it could be is my internet but when I run a speed test online I get 11 ping, 57 download and 11 upload which I think is enough for fortnite to not lag. Also, I play on unlimited FPS but i've tried it at 165 and 237 and nothing really seems to work. Any advice you have would be appreciated. thanks

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