How To DOUBLE PUMP in Season 9! (Sort of) – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay

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40 thoughts on “How To DOUBLE PUMP in Season 9! (Sort of) – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay

  1. It's pretty situational but it could be useful! Leave a like if you enjoyed the video!
    Be sure to stick around until the end, I dropped two really high kill solos back-to-back! <3

  2. all the indians
    sypherPK is like dhoni a match winner and strategy user
    Tfue is like virat a guy who exploits the bowlers weakness
    Ninja is like hardik an all rounder who is good builder and shooter
    Mongraal is like bumrah full throttle aggressive bowler
    Myth is like pant a funny and powerful player
    chronic dizzle is like sachin plays on another lvl solo/squads high runs
    (high kills)!!!

  3. Gave up on this game it rewards too many low skilled players. It's not fair on good players who can loose to anyone just because of luck.

  4. Tbh the only soloution for this (or more like 2 soloutions) is either for epic to start playing their game and see whenever sth doesnt work out (update wise) and the other soloution is just like sypher said to make the pros have contact with the fortnite team with all new up and coming updated. This is called trickle down balance where if a weapon is balanced for the highest level of gameplay,it will be balanced aswell for every level below

  5. There’s a better method, I will be posting the new method tomorrow on my channel, even tho there’s better shot guns than the pump, it’s a useful trick

  6. @sypherpk
    Jaysniper1111 here chat… I carry two type of shotguns in my items… Tactical blue shotgun at closer range and a Combat shotguns and next to each and assault in the ends of my items… or how ever you please but two different shotguns is the way I do it bcuz fights are sometimes long or short, those guns work for both fights

  7. I know kinda a way to double pump without using another pump. You could get a pump and deagle or a pump and revolver. Think about it Sypher maybe you’ll make a video about this technique…

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