HOW To Find a Good Trio For The FNCS & Tournaments! – Fortnite Battle Royale

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41 thoughts on “HOW To Find a Good Trio For The FNCS & Tournaments! – Fortnite Battle Royale

  1. I need a trio it won’t let me type on discord so ps4 division 6 na east age 13+ 2fa and can play for a while I can play 2 hours a day except weekends and on tournament days I can play from 4-8 but on not tournament days and weekday 6-8 reply if your interested

  2. Hey, im looking for a trio

    About me:
    IGL or fragger
    I take pride in my endgame
    Ecxels at shotgun fights
    Good coms
    Gr8 gamesense

    My goals:
    Qual for console fncs finals
    Get earnings
    Get earnings and upgrade my setup
    And to improve

    Reply if you think we will fit
    Also give info and your epic name so i can add you 🙂

  3. I recently found a good trio and one of the red flags you said was shifting blame. I did that earlier because one of my teammates opened a door that had someone on the other side putting me in the line of fire, should I change that?

  4. I’m looking for a trio for fncs.
    NAE console
    I need a fragger or support
    Needs to be able to play for practice and the actual fncs
    Add me on insta rly_nugget if you are interested

  5. My epic is VX DYBoss and I am looking for a trio I play on NA east and in division 7 ive been playing for 2 in a half years please reply with with ur epic
    Than You,

  6. TY i need a trio or join one ive came really well in some tournaments i play switch and xbox im eu i specialise in callouts and endgames finally i can play everday for 2 hours or more reply if ur interested my name is HolteyBoy

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