How To Find The PERFECT Sensitivity In Fortnite! – Console & PC (EASY!)

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26 thoughts on “How To Find The PERFECT Sensitivity In Fortnite! – Console & PC (EASY!)

  1. Timestamp's for those who do not want to watch the whole video 🥺

    0:00 – Intro straight into Explaining DPI
    2:30 – Explaining Effective DPI (eDPI)
    3:35 – How to find the Perfect DPI
    4:55 – How to find your Base Sensitivity
    6:40 – How to use the PSA Calculator (Perfect Sensitivity Approximation Calculator)

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  2. Hah🤣 I need new sensitivity for keyboard mouse, and you made this video that helped me 🖱️, thanks mate I wish I was as God as you in yourtube, anyways keep up the amazing wrk👍❤️💯😱❤️

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