How to Get People To Play Your Fortnite Creative Map!

My Castle in the Sky map is finally done! In my final video of the How to Build and Adventure Map series I talk about the hardest step for most map makers. Promoting your map!

Castle in the Sky MAP CODE: 0130-7403-6429

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21 thoughts on “How to Get People To Play Your Fortnite Creative Map!

  1. Really great map! I'll be playing it for sure. I've been working on a first person-team based shooter. It's not a big map but it's got some unique mechanics in it and I want to publish it but I don't have a creator code, are there any tips you can give me for getting a creator code? Also I'm on switch so I can't use the replays to film lmao😂

  2. Like you said that don’t want to bug you, but I’m working on a map called The Towers and it’s a POI concept and there’s a full vault and everything. I would love you to play it or feature it in a video because I make maps all the time and this is one of my favorites. So since I don’t have a creator code or anything I can’t publish The Towers, which is such a let down so I would love to play it with like you and a few friends and all. If you do read this full comment, I thank you for taking your time to listen to all my rambling and really, I just want someone to finally notice me. Thank you for your time.

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