How to Improve FAST on Fortnite Mobile! (42 Kill Duo Squad)

Fortnite Mobile Season 4
How to Play Season 4 on Fortnite Mobile
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This channel is run by two best friends, Landon (Heidrich69) and Colten (MobileBoys_YT). We both play claw on Fortnite Mobile with iPad Pro 2020s.

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48 thoughts on “How to Improve FAST on Fortnite Mobile! (42 Kill Duo Squad)

  1. Even if mobile does come back I won’t be able to play cuz my dads charger, the ONLY WORKING one in the house just broke. When my iPad dies I won’t be able to play until I get a new charger😭

  2. Dude these tips are so helpful and my man are you good with those kills, chill! I have been dominating solos instead of squads, because sweats are playing. Now with these tips I will be a god! Use code heidrich69…

  3. @Mobile Boys Thanks for these tips but… I think your targeting a more casual audience. For those of you who want to earn money from cash cups I’ll give you the basic rundown and, the 3 key ingredients to improvement. Number 1. If you’re dying from the same mistakes, VOD review yourself. Look into what may be the causes leading up to your mishaps and correct yourself. Number 2. Do moves/plays that you’re not comfortable with. If you feel as if you can’t pull off a task successfully or consistently. Keep on practicing/using them until you feel comfortable whilst using them. Number 3. Don’t rage when things don’t go your way. Raging in a competitive setting will cause your gameplay to become inconsistent and sloppy. Those are the 3 major factors to improvement.
    Remember this quote everyone.
    “If you’re not making the same mistakes. You’re improving.”
    ~Fortnite World Cup winner 2019, Kyle “bugha” Giersdorf.

  4. Amazing video guys. I love the tips and will definitely implement them. Keep up the good work. Much love guys❤️

    Btw can you plz make a video on how to waterfall cause I really struggle and mess up

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