How To Improve Your Aim In Fortnite! – Pro Aim Training Guide!

Raider464’s Aim Duel Map V2 Code: 6120-6647-4515

In this video, I talk about how to get near perfect aim in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4. The last time I made an aim guide was about 2 months that only focused on the charge shotgun. So, after seeing all the new weapons in the loot pool, I thought it only made sense to make an updated aim guide for all the different types of aiming. What I do is…

31 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Aim In Fortnite! – Pro Aim Training Guide!

  1. My friend switched to kbm a lil bit ago and now hes much better then me and I'm still on controller pc. every time I practice my aim with my other friend or by myself he keeps saying stuff like "u cant improve your aim on controller it always stays the same" and every time I hit a good flick on him and say "get flicked" he says that I cant flick on controller it's like he dosent want me to improve or something It pisses me off

  2. With mouse should i buy the glorios O or the glorius O- or the glorius D or the razer Viper mini or the razer deathradder V2 or the razer deathradder mini V2 or the Logitech g305 light speed or the skoll mini or the coolmaster mm711 or the endgame XM1 or the g wolves hati or the model D minus or the steelseries neon rider sensei ten limted edition or tell me Plz with mouse should i buy for fortnite my palm height is 70 mm and my palm width is 65 mm

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